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Deryll Durr

Chief Operating Officer

Deryll has been in the post-acute space since 2005 after retiring from active duty and starting out in an agency serving both home health and hospice as an EMR project manager. Being forced into the deep end, as he likes to describe it, this position required him to learn fast and think on his feet, which allowed him to gain both the operational and financial acumen of home health and hospice service lines. As that EMR deployment ended, he moved into an operational role as a SysAdmin and provided operational insight through business intelligence reporting.


Having years of operational experience at the agency level, Deryll moved into a consulting role in 2017 which provided him with invaluable experiences and insight of how many agencies do the same things, but differently. Being able to glean best practice knowledge, his post-acute acumen became diverse and ever evolving, and now allows him to quickly provide solutions and implement those solutions in a clean, efficient, and proven method. Deryll also understands that change is challenging so he focuses on how to effectively navigate a workforce into those changes with utmost acceptance and adoption. 

Saving the best for last... Deryll's humor is rememberable and unusual, regardless of the audience and his “deryllisms” come from nowhere. He often says that he hasn’t had a job his entire life because he enjoys doing what he does. He has a true passion for patients as well as the home health and hospice workforce, and industry as a whole. That is what wakes him up every day... along with taking care of pigs, chickens, and gardening year-round, of course.  


Deryll Durr
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