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Hannah Echols

President & Chief Innovation Officer

Hannah has been in Healthcare management since 2002 and in the post-acute space since 2005, having managed teams of various sizes and skillsets from Operations, After hours Triage, Call Center, Population Health Management, Data Management and Analytics, RCM, Project Management, Helpdesk, Implementation, and Consulting.


Hannah has developed a deep and diverse level of expertise. Her Hospice heart and Servant Leader approach are two of her most powerful attributes. Hannah has been involved in Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative programs ranging from single-branch start-ups, non-profits, to national multi-program providers, and across several different EMR systems. Having been recruited to start-up a certified Medicare Division for a Fortune 100 Health Insurance company, Hannah played an instrumental role in laying the groundwork for the "At Home" space. 

Hannah believes that the importance of the care continuum directly contributes to long-term health of the individual and our healthcare industry as a whole. Hannah's core values helped shape the Mission and Vision for the Billing Department. When she's not supporting Customers and Partners, Hannah enjoys relaxing on the front porch swing watching the farm animals, reading, horseback riding, and most of all, spending time with her husband and three daughters.


Hannah Echols
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