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Our purpose is to partner with the healthcare community to deliver versatile, yet holistic, end-to-end shared-service and technology solutions, bridging the gaps between agency financial success, quality patient care, and overall compliance. Every Agency has their unique challenges; Billing Department offers a full analysis and design of services and pivots to meet any need with our portfolio of end-to-end solutions and professional partnerships.

This allows Billing Department to take a vested interest in your Agency;

your success is our success.


With an average of 25+ years of Post-Acute experience across our team, Billing Department can advise on actions-that-matter to protect you and grow your business.   


The post-acute industry is in a place of having to do more with less; Billing Department is here to get you there. Where traditional consulting only provides temporary and expensive anecdotal advice, Billing Department provides comprehensive data-driven solutions customized to your Agency and delivered through an on-going and affordable partnership.

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