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Enterprise Data Solutions

Billing Department offers EMR-agnostic Enterprise Data Solutions that will help guide your agency to data-driven decisions and reach key performance milestones with measurable value. Our team provides comprehensive partnership services to ensure that all of your data needs are met.

Harnessing and operationalizing reliable data to drive performance is essential for proactively monitoring KPIs for risk aversion. Determining the source of truth is key for ensuring accuracy and integrity of data.

Billing Department's Enterprise Data Solutions builds data confidence by tailoring solutions to your agency which allows a clear and concise story to be told.

Enterpise Data Solutions includes:

  • SQL & SSRS Reporting

  • Business-driven alerts

  • Actionable data

  • Report automation (from any data source)

  • Stand-up of end-to-end data factory solutions

  • Business intelligence development and deployment

Managing your agency through the rearview mirror does not allow for timely course correction in optimizing performance. A Billing Department partnership will have your organization looking forward through your agency's windshield.

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