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No Cost Evaluation

Billing Department offers a no cost evaluation to demonstrate our commitment to helping you succeed. In today's environment we understand the importance of value and partnering with us can help achieve your agency's goals.

Our team of experts will provide you with a proprietary an in-depth and EMR-agnostic analysis of your current state, which will identify potential areas of risk and opportunities for improvement. This partnership will lead to mutual growth and prosperity by combining resources, technology, and expertise.

Billing Department's No-Cost Evalution is focused on the four organizational pillars:

  • Business Development

  • Clinical Compliance

  • Financial

  • Operations

Billing Department's No-Cost Evaluation includes:

  • Comprehensive overview of agency health across 40+ KPIs

  • SIA and/or LUPA breakdown based on service lines

  • Best and worst three performance areas with corresponding recommendations

  • Visual of cost floating through a DSO waterfall including unbilled claims

  • Complimentary chart review, including coding, OASIS/HIS, F2F and POC

  • Go-Plans offering End-to-End solutions based on findings

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